Monday, March 26, 2012

“That’s what the internet is for”

I have to tell you.  I think I’m a funny girl. 

Not everyone does.

I’ve heard tell that some people even think I’m sarcastic, not funny.  I totally don’t get that? Winking smile

My kids are pretty funny too.  I have to admit, David is even funny sometimes.  And when he is, he really is.  He just keeps it bottled up and lets it out only every know and then.

Today, we went to my father in laws because he had called Griffin and told him he needed to come down and see his new toy.  Now when Papaw Bill says that, Griffin shivers with excitement.

It usually is a toy that has an engine.  A big one.

Last time he said that it was a John Deere Gator.  Time before that?  A motorized jazzy that he lets the kids ride whenever they want. 

Time before that?  A golf cart.

imageWell, today it was an exercise thingy.  They werent’ too impressed.  LOL   It shakes you and supposedly helps you get in shape? 

Personally, I don’t believe it.  But the kids did have fun on it.  He told them to come play on it anytime. 

When we had been there for a few minutes, Bella said “How much 368did you pay for it?”

Yep, that’s my daughter.  I like to think of us as inquisitive.  Not nosey.   I just like to know how much things cost in case I want one, you know?  Drives my Dad nuts.   Well, Bella got her “inquisitiveness” from me. 

Griffin, who really is just as nosey, just not as obvious about it, says

“Bella, you don’t say that to people.   Don’t you know that’s what the internet is for?”

I bout peed my pants laughing. 

I guess technology is teaching my boy something.  Who would have thought? 

Happy homeschooling!

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