Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dying Easter eggs with Crayons

My family loves to dye Easter eggs.   Every year we usually dye at least 2 dozen.
The funny thing is that neither of the kids will eat them.  Not deviled.  Not hard boiled.  They don’t eat eggs.  
So, we usually take them to Easter dinner at the family’s. 
We always use the Paas Easter Egg kits.  This year I wanted to do something different.
Thank you Pinterest.   I found really cool pictures of eggs dyed using crayons.  We have a lot of those so I knew this would be perfect.
I dyed two dozen eggs and the secret is that they have to be hot when you color them.
This makes it hard for little ones but my kids didn’t really have any problems. 
We laid the egg on a paper towel and colored half of the egg.  Then we laid it on a cooling rack and colored the other half on that.
Super easy.  And so incredibly cute.
We shaved a few crayons and just dropped the colors on.  These are my favorite.

And then some of them we actually colored on to make pictures. 
This was so much fun and you can be a lot more creative than regular easter egg dying.  Next year we are going to try kool aide to dye them.  Tasty and pretty.


Our Village is a Little Different said...

These came out great!

Susie said...

Great idea! They look beautiful! I love you new blog look as well :-)


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