Thursday, April 26, 2012



Oh how I need it.

It seems like these days everyone has an opinion as to why I should put my children in school.  They don’t get the reasons we do it, I guess.  Because just because things aren’t always perfect, I will not give up.

You know, like my son’s spelling is atrocious.

Math has become a subject that brings tears instead of joy.

My daughter is a perfectionist that cries when she misses something.

And sometimes there are days that I just want to go back to bed and start all over the next day.

But, you know what.  God doesn’t want me to quit.


He has called us to homeschool our children.  And yes, there are times when even my husband says school is where they should be.  I just find myself praying even more during these times.   He seems to have these moments more lately.  I believe it is because of the pressure at work where people are asking him about our kids.  Or just that he hears all about everyone else's children and how “great” they are doing.  

You see, I’ve learned that most of what they say is bull crap.  People lie and exaggerate to make their selves and their children look better, smarter, whatever.  We believe those lies.  That everyone else’s kids are smarter.  They do better in sports.  They can play every instrument and do it while reading Shakespeare.   My husband especially believes the lies.  I know it’s hard for him at work.  

The latest thing is one of his co-workers has sucked him in to believing my daughter needs to join an elite cheerleading squad.  Her daughter is in it and it is “WONDERFUL”.  Bella likes cheerleading.  I don’t think she would if she had practice 4 hours a week (which we would have to drive an hour each way to), and everything is competition.  It isn’t for fun.  It is to win.  She also doesn’t have the skills yet that are needed to even try out.  But, this women insists she should.  Oh yeah, and it costs $300 a month.  Yep, you read that right, a month.   This in turn makes my husband think that maybe I should get a job because you know, we can’t afford that and our child will probably turn out to be a serial killer if she doesn’t get to be a cheerleader on this team.  

Now, what I want to say is “stay away from this woman at work and you won’t have to listen to this”.  But I’m trying to keep my jealousy at bay these days so I just say, I don’t think so, Honey.  It’s too much money and I don’t want to drive 4 hours a week for cheerleading.  You know, gas prices are pretty high.   Thankfully, the tryouts are now over and we can forget it for awhile. 

I just keep wondering why everyone worries so much about my kids.  Guess what.  Me keeping my kids at home is not hurting you or your kids so don’t worry about it. 

Don’t make comments.

Don’t give advice (unless asked for).

In return I won’t tell you that putting your children in the public school is probably the worst thing you can do for them (of course that is only my opinion). 


If you are in need of encouragement in your journey, whether it be homeschooling or not, here is a great post that I assure you will encourage you.   It is from Homeschool Mosaics, a new homeschool site that I write for. 

God Bless and Happy Homeschooling.

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