Monday, May 14, 2012

Art–it just might be her thing

I love seeing my kids excel in something.  Don’t all Moms?  Homeschooling allows me to see each time my kids light up when they learn something new or when something just clicks.

My husband is an excellent artist.  He can pretty much draw anything he sees.  He is very modest about this and of course doesn’t agree with me. 

Thankfully my kids have gotten their artist ability from him and not me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a great colorer.  LOL.  That’s  not very impressive right, cuz it’s not even a real word.  I am a crayon snob.  I hate any any crayons that are not Crayola.  So, my kids don’t have any other kind of crayons.    But, I love to color and always have.

Bella, age 9,  has been drawing a lot lately.  I love to see her work.  She will work for hours on drawing.  It is great that we do school at home because she wouldn’t be able to work for hours on anything if she was in school.  I love that I don’t have to stop them in the middle of working on something special to learn something different.  

Here are a few things she has drawn recently.  I think this just may be her calling.  She just looks at a picture and can draw pretty accurately the same thing.   The cow is  my favorite.  I love it’s eyes.  I think it captures a real cow perfectly.   And, no she didn’t trace any of them. 

I hope you enjoy this.








Heidi said...

The cow is my favorite, too! Great job, Bella!

Susan said...

She definitely has an eye for animals, I think you have a budding artist in your midst. ;0)

Shelly G said...

That's great drawing right there! I'm hoping to get my son more into drawing as he seems to have a talent for it, but isn't really interested in it at this point.

Thanks for sharing!


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