Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cowgirls and Angels in theaters May 25

Movie night.

We love it. 

Our family has gone TV free lately.  We have no satellite TV.  We have no Netflix.  We don’t even have a converter box to watch local channels.  The only thing we watch now are DVD’s.   So, we are always looking for good movies.

I was excited when I was allowed to preview a movie that is coming to theaters on Friday, May 25, 2012.   It is called Cowgirls and Angels.   This is a terrific family movie that we enjoyed watching.   My kids thought it was pretty cool that we were able to see it before it even came out in theaters.

This is a heartwarming movie about a young girl named Ida.  (My kids also thought this was cool because that is my Grandma’s name and they have never heard anyone else named that before.)  Ida is a little mischievous in the beginning of the movie and it shows her stealing things out of people’s purses at the rodeo.  She is rebellious and I think her acting out is just a way to get attention.  Her mom works a lot and her dad is absent in her life.  She hangs out at the rodeo because she is hoping to find her father.  

While hanging out at the rodeos, she is spotted as having talent by the leader of the Sweethearts of the Rodeo.  This is a group of young female riders by do trick riding at the rodeo.  She is recruited by the Sweethearts and her new “family” accepts her quickly. 

Ida finds a new passion that redefines her life.  I’m not going to spoil the movie for you because I really think you should go see it.  But, her newfound passion just may help her find the father she has been searching for.

Cowboys and Angels opens in theaters tomorrow, May 25th, 2012.  

Check out their website

Cowboys and Angels–in theaters starting May 25.

So, if you and your family are looking for a great movie to go see this weekend, I highly recommend Cowboys and Angels.   I think you will love Ida, just like our family did.

Have a great weekend!

I was allowed to preview this movie thanks to Propeller in exchange for this review.  No other compensation was provided. 

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