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WaterProof Bible: Waterproof.. Inside and Out


Last year my son told me if there was one thing he would love to have, it would be a Bible that he could carry everywhere he went.  Now, that makes this Mommy’s heart smile.   I looked everywhere for one little enough to fit in his pocket.  I found one that fit in his pocket but it didn’t last long.  Boys can be hard on things.  If you have them you know this. 

So when I was asked to review The Waterproof Bible I was hoping it was little enough to fit in his pocket. 

Here is the story of how the Waterproof Bible came to be :

The Waterproof Bible and THE OUTDOOR BIBLE originate from our desire to take God's word into all of His creation, regardless of the weather or circumstances. That is why they are completely waterproof, dry quickly, are much stronger than paper, are usable with writing utensils (ball point pen, pencil, or dry highlighter), and adapt well to all extremes or reading environments (on a rainy campout, in a coffee shop, even in a hot tub!). Just as a frog lives on land and in water, the Waterproof Bible and THE OUTDOOR BIBLE thrive in any situation or climate.

As believers in Jesus Christ and a love to be in God's creation and exposed to the elements, we have often desired to have a Bible by our side for reading here and there. Our exploring has led us to mountain tops, river banks, sandy beaches, misty valleys, dark caves, and hot springs, and has caused us to become soaked to the core while backpacking or paddling. I hate to admit that our Bible has not made it with us on many of these occasions for the sake of protecting it and because we don't trust a plastic bag not to puncture. Now we can put an end to all the worrying that we have done in the past about our Bibles and take God's Word wherever our adventures lead.

Wherever life takes you - carry the Waterproof Bible or THE OUTDOOR BIBLE and Be Inspired. Anywhere.

That reminds me of what Griffin said.  He desires to take God’s word everywhere he goes.   This Bible makes that possible.

Water?  DSCN0209No problem.

Mud?  Nope.  It’s fine.


Have you ever ruined a book while reading it in the tub (raising my hand).  I have spent a lot of money on library books that I accidentally dropped in the tub while I was reading. 

Bath tub?  Go ahead and drop it in. Bible1Even the bookmark is waterproof.

The pages are durable.  Made of plastic.  So you also would have a very hard time tearing them.  Love that.   You can give it to your youngest child and you don’t have to worry about it being destroyed. 

When I was growing up, my Dad always told me, “Lori, you can never get rid of a Bible.  Pass it on to someone but don’t ever throw it away, burn it or destroy it.”  I have always had that in the back of my mind.  So, guess what?  I have lots of Bibles.  I’m not going to lie.  I have thrown one or two away because they got wet and one had a mouse chew on it in storage.  With the Waterproof Bible, I never have to worry about it getting torn up. 

We read our Bibles every day.  It’s the first thing we do in the morning for school.  It is also the last thing we do before we go to sleep.  My son is allowed to stay awake as long as he wants if he is reading.  So he reads his Bible before bed.  He has read through the entire Bible.  He makes me proud because I know he takes what it says to heart and is growing into an amazing young man of God.   Now for whether this fits in his pocket?

Yep.  It’s pretty hard to get in and out of his back jean pocket but he does it.  Shorts are no problem at all.  He loves to tell people that his Bible is waterproof and has shown his friends.  At first I had a hard time with seeing it in water or dirt.

I mean, it’s the Bible. 

God’s Holy Word. 

This bothered me pretty bad.


Then I thought, it’s okay.  It will wash.  (Now doesn’t that sound funny?) 

I do believe that it deserves the utmost respect.  Completely.  But, how many people can say that they have a 14 year old son who is showing his friends the Bible and what he can do with it?  They realize he doesn’t carry it because it’s cool.  He reads it and lives what is inside.  It shows in his behavior.  It shows in his words.   I am so thankful for the Waterproof Bible because it has helped me be able to get the Word of God into my children’s hands without worrying about it getting torn up. 

You can have your own Waterproof Bible by visiting their webpage here.   The publishing company is Bardin and Marsee Publishing. 

The Bibles come in the following versions:

 ESV - English Standard Version Waterproof Bibles

KJV - King James Version Waterproof Bibles

 NIV - New International Version Waterproof Bibles

 NKJV - New King James Version Waterproof Bibles

NLT - New Living Translation Waterproof Bibles

We received the English Standard Version in Blue camo. It is the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.   Griffin loved it.  Bella wants her own in pink camo.  

The price ranges from $24.95 for the version we received to $44.95 for the full Bible.

The kids love that it even floats.  You could drop it in a lake and not worry about losing it.  I’m sure we will be trying that when we go to the lake the next time. 

• Extremely Durable Synthetic Pages
• 100% Worry Free
• Stain Resistant
• Ultra Clear Text
• Ideal for Gear Bag or Backpack
• Dry Highlight – use this kind so the marks don’t smear
• Write and Underline
• No Bleed Thru

This review item gets a huge Hallelujah from us!

Our family gives The Waterproof Bible

Smiley guide
image Iimage image imageimage

I really wanted to give this one 6 smileys. (Like sell the kids for it smiley) JK

1 Smiley - Product not really for our family. Probably wouldn’t buy. This really should probably be a frown face but we hate to be negative.
image image
2 Smileys - Would maybe buy this product if on sale. Not a great fit for our family.
image image image
3 Smileys - We really liked this product and would probably recommend this to friends and fellow homeschoolers.
image image image image
4 – Smileys – Definitely would buy this if the budget would allow. We suggest you check this out to see if it is a fit for your family.
image image image image image
5 Smileys – Would sell the family pets to get this one (just kidding). A must have for our family and we think you should get it too.
Thank you to The Waterproof Bible and Mosaics Review for the opportunity to try this product. 

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