Sunday, August 11, 2013

Miraculous plans

I believe that God has miraculous plans for me.  It seems like I have lost track of that lately.  Because things don’t seem to go the way I plan, I tend to forget about God in all of the ”things” of life. 

I have a hard time remembering that God doesn’t promise me only good times.  In fact he doesn’t promise me anything.  Except that if I trust in Him, He will show up. 

I have seen miracles.  Now, not the kind of miracles like Jesus performed in the Bible.  But miracles, none the less.

When Bella was born we were told she had spina bifida.  This was after at least 5 ultrasounds that came back perfectly normal during my pregnancy.  I can honestly say that was the worst day of my life.  I remember the look on my husband’s face when they told us.  He looked defeated.  Broken.  We were unsure what the future held for us and our newborn little girl.  But, guess what??

We got a miracle. 

After being told by surgeons, neonatologists and nurses that our baby had this life altering disease, at around 10:00 pm that evening, her neurosurgeon told us she would be fine.  The hole that was in her back at the base of her spine had nothing to do with her spinal column.  She had surgery to close the hole and she would be as good as new.    I truly believe that God healed my precious baby girl.  Prayers were being said all over the country and God answered.

To this day, ten years later, she has not had a single problem from the day she was born when we were told she would never even walk. 

She’s perfect.  (Well, not perfect, but you know what I mean.)  She flips, runs and plays like the miracle she is.  My daughter is a blessing.

So, see.  I know what a miracle looks like.

And I know that God has more of them in store for me and my family.   Even when things get me down, I believe in miracles.

I believe that God shows up for me daily in even the little things.  And I praise him for this.

He shows up by giving me a family whose unconditional love is more than I could ever ask for.  My family is a blessing.

He showed up by giving me a son who loves Jesus more than I could ever hope for.  He’s the real deal.  A teenager who loves God and sn’t afraid to tell or show you.  My son is a blessing.

He showed up by giving me a husband who I loved more than anything.  Despite problems and him leaving, I thank God for him daily.  I pray for him every day.  My husband is a blessing.

He showed up by providing my every need.   I am blessed more than I deserve.

I am waiting for my miraculous moment when God shows me what plan he has in store for me.  I don’t know what it is going to be.

But I believe that there is one on the way.

A miracle that will leave me saying, “Wow, what a blessing”. 

I serve a God who is in the miracle business.  I will wait patiently for him to show up.  Again.

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Christy said...


I read this just this morning in my devotional Streams in the Desert. "O man, I beseech you do not treat God's promises as if they were curiosities for a museum; but use them as every day sources of comfort. Trust the Lord whenever your time of need comes on." -Spurgeon

Then this poem:

"Go to the deeps of God's promise,
And claim whatsoever you will;
The blessing of God will not fail thee,
His Word He will surely fulfill."

2 Peter 1:4
"Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises."

Quite fitting for your post this morning and really fitting for my life right now!



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