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A Child’s Geography–Volume III

Author:  Terri Johnson

Price of Physical Product:  $34.95

Price of e-book:  $24.95


My daughter loves geography.  So, needless to say she was excited when I told her we were going to get a geography curriculum to review.  A Child’s Geography Volume III is written by  Terry Johnson and is a great way for younger kids to learn geography in a fun and easy way.

The program I received is an e-file which I am beginning to really like because patience is not one of my strong points.  I love getting something as soon as I buy it.   I also like not having to wait for school things because getting new school curriculum is like Christmas around here for us..  You can also get it as a physical book that comes with a CD-rom with some really cool extras on it.

This version teaches the Classical World.  It covers Greece, Italy and 9 other countries around the Mediterranean Sea .  This is the area that is said to be the Birthplace of Western Civilization.  Each of the countries have  at least one thing in common—these lands were the center of world power during the Classical Age, from over 2000 BC to AD 500.  I was never very good at Geography.  I have enjoyed learning about these places right along with my kids. 

Bella wanted to make a passport so she could keep track of the countries we visit in our studies.  She took a piece of scrapbook paper that said Off we Go and put blank paper inside to write about each country.  She also got stickers for the book.  She loves hands on learning and this helps her remember things quite well.


Like I said, this is the third Volume of A Child’s Geography – Explore the Classical World.   I love that they do not need to be done in order. 

The two before it are A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth and A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land.

This is the first we have used but we are really enjoying it and learning a lot so I am planning on doing the other’s with Bella in the future.

There will be a study on  The Far East soon, then hopefully Western Europe, the Viking Lands and England and Her Neighbors in the near future.  A Child’s Geography is a GREAT way to study history and geography together in an easily understood and fun way. 

If this book is to be used as a year long study, you would do about one chapter every two weeks.  The first week is spent reading the chapter and working on the questions that are included.  The second week is used to do extra projects such as time lines, map labeling, keeping a journal or  even making recipes from the country.  

This is intended for grades 1-6 but can be adapted for younger and older children also.  My son is a 9th grader this year and he enjoys listening and learning this as much as my 5th grader. 

Things we like about A Child’s Geography:

*We love that this is a living history approach to learning.   My kids have always loved to be read to since they were infants.  This has never stopped as they have grown older.  Reading together is some of my favorite memories.  The fact t104_2135hat they are learning history and geography while we read is great.   The easy way this teaches while reading exciting, entertaining history is a huge bonus.  

* The maps in this curriculum are amazing.  If you have never seen the  maps done by Knowledge Quest  you are definitely missing out.  They do a great job and make maps fun. This picture is taken on my computer so it isn’t great but it shows the bright colors of the maps which Bella loves.  

* The Glossary.  I love not having to get out a dictionary while using this.  All of the difficult words are in the glossary right at the end.   In the chapters the pronunciations are also included which helps kids who have a hard time knowing how to say some of these words that they have never read.

I always love to try things out before I buy them.  Even though I feel that this is a very affordable and worthy purchase, Knowledge Quest will let you download chapters 1-3 completely free.  This is enough for you to see if this will be a good fit for your family.


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