Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Perhaps some of the best things I’ve learned . . ever.

Of course it was on the internet.  You already knew that right?

First, I have always wanted to be a planner.  As a homeschool mom it really is a necessity.  Someone has to keep track of all the crap we have to teach, learn, do, eat, clean and pretend to know. 

I’m admittedly not that great at it.  I start a planner, use it for a week or day and pretty much forget I have it and can’t find it if I do remember it.  I have great intentions.  My follow through just isn’t that great.  

So, starting this week I decided to do my planner at the end of the day. 

Isn’t that the best way to make sure you get everything finished?   Smile  No more unfinished things hanging around on the days page.  No one has to know that I didn’t get to half of what I wanted to because it won’t be on today’s page.   Damn, I’m a genius. 

So for our first well planned day (um, sorry if that is a real planner name.  If it is I’ve never seen it or used it so no knowledge of it and it will give you free exposure on my blog so should be all good)

Wake up before Noon.   Well, I got up at 11:40 so CHECK. 

Eat a good breakfast (well lunch because of the time).  You see I’m learning that if you get up a little later you can totally skip a meal and hopefully this will help me lose weight.    I had an egg and toast.  Not too bad so  CHECK.

Scream at the kids to get their school stuff out after eating our break/lunch.   CHECK

Put load of clothes in the washer.  Oops, let’s make that rewash the ones left in there from yesterday cuz they are smelling pretty funky.  It’s funny how vinegar can take that smell right away.  One load of clothes done completely.  CHECK

Scream at the kids to get their school stuff out.   CHECK

Help Bella do her math and check her other work.  Hmm.   Seems like her other work is about 1/3 filled in.  I’m thinking there must be a little minion or elf that is erasing all of her hard work.  Because I know that my pleasant baby girl would not try to make me think she is doing all of her work and just skipping questions and pages to hurry up.  No way.  So, I showed her the places where the elves erased and said she should redo it.   Who me? CHECK

Griffin’s science, math, writing, and computer programming class finished. CHECK Please realize this was with much prompting from me.

Also, I got super exciting news today.  Griffin loves computer classes.  And he excels at them.  We are about to start a year long program that will teach him JAVA through learning the Minecraft World.  He will be building his own Module.  This is a blessing I never thought we would be able to have.  But thanks to Molly Richards from Youth Digital, he will be doing this amazing class.  I am overwhelmed with her love.

Gymnastics at 3:00.   We were 5 minutes late.  Not too bad so I’m gonna call this one a win.  CHECK    Bella did get her back handspring today by herself without a spotter so I’m super proud of her.  I love watching her excel.

Kids going to their friends for 2 hours after gymnastics (YES).   2.5 mile walk in the 30 degree cold all by myself.  I talked to my aunt on the phone until I could no longer feel my fingers and then listened to some awesome Christian music on my phone.  I’m not sure if people were staring because it was so frickin cold or because I looked like I was having a conversation with myself.  Who knows?  Who cares.  CHECK

Fixed supper.  Even managed to make something everyone would eat.   CHECK

Took my 92 year old grandma supper and did a load of laundry for her.  Cracked up because she was watching a totally inappropriate show and can’t hear well enough to know it.  My kids were appalled.  LOL   They heard more bad language in that 20 minutes that they have in a long time combined.  CHECK

Watch The Voice with Bella (Good mother/daughter time)  I hafto teach her how to spot a good man.   (Because I have got this crap down.)  (We won’t mention I’m alone with no decent feller in sight Winking smile)  We just say who we think is cute.  Just admiring God’s handiwork.  CHECK

Watch The Sing Off.   Our new favorite show.    Pentatonix is one of our new favorite groups.  Here is their version of Little Drummer Boy.  LOVE IT.  CHECK

Do Pilates for 30 minutes.  Upward Cheerleading is coming up and this here coach needs to get in shape.  CHECK

Make sure kids take showers, brush their teeth and get in bed (Preferably without electronics).  CHECK

Wow, I got all the things on my To-Do list checked off.  I feel so productive.   It does work better when you just write the things you hae done.  LOL  I am a single mom who is far from having it together.  I don’t pretend to and don’t want anyone to think that.  In fact, I don’t care.   You know what hit me.  While rereading this I realized I truly do not care.  I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a failure.  I don’t care if you think I’m amazing and got it all together.  I, for the first time in my homeschooling  journey, do not care what anyone other than God and my kids think about how we are doing.   We are doing what is best for me and my children.  What I feel will enable them to be the God loving, kind, caring, helpful adults that I am praying they become.   I’m doing the best I can and trusting God to make up for my faults.  

His grace is sufficient for me.  All the reminder I need.  I am blessed and give all the glory to God.  There would be no check marks at all on my daily to do list without Him.    It would mostly be skid marks if it were left up to only me. 

Thanking Jesus for this beautiful Christmas season.   I’m gonna love on the people who mean the most to me and pray for everyone.  My family, friends and those I love bring the beauty of Christmas to life for me.   God supplies my every need.  In the people in my life and everything other way.

God Bless you.    Happy Homeschooling. . .I pray that for today, I have blessed someone in some small way. 


clubbfarm said...

You have blessed me with your friendship for over a decade now! Love this article!

Loving learning at Home said...

Aw, thanks Ms. Julia. I love you girl. And you and your family bless me with your love and friendship.


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