Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What my homeschool room looks like!

Thanks to Tristan (Homeschool Crew) for the great idea of posting pictures of our homeschool rooms. We actually do school everywhere but this is where it is supposed to happen. The large book shelf is where we keep all of the official homeschool books that we are using.

The kids put their stuff away each day so as you can see, it is messy! I try to straighten it up at least once a week. This room is also where our toys are kept because the kids rooms are small. We have a lot of cubbies that I got from a consignment store that was getting rid of them. That is what the blue shelves are. We stood two of them up on their sides and then laid the other two down. It helps to keep thing away but not out of sight (which my husband hates).

The chalkboard (you can see it under the white board) is actually painted on the wall. When we built our house (6 years ago) we painted it with chalkboard paint and then put the same trim around it that we used for the baseboards. I LOVE IT! Unfortunately my son can't stand the sound of chalk on it so we use the whiteboard more often now. What is really cool is that on birthdays David draws whatever theme the party is on the chalkboard to match the decorations. He is such an amazing artist! I will try to find some pictures of past drawings. I remember Buzz Lightyear especially. (Griffin loved Buzz for about 4 years).

The desk was purchased at a yard sale but we hopefully are getting new ones soon. The elementary school in our town built a new school and is getting rid of EVERYTHING in the old one (which I think is sad and a huge waste of money). We have requested 2 desks, 2 chairs and a child size table. I am just not sure when we will be getting it. So there you have it, my messy (but well used) school room. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Just trying to get my comments to work :)

nikkit3 said...

You have a great space for school! I hope you get all the things you need from the old school asap:)

CookieMonster said...

Isn't it amazing how many books we accumulate?

I love your chalkboard. I never thought of painting a section of the wall and trimming it out. I guess it does last a while, eh?


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