Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What an amazing God we serve

When I woke up this morning I was reading my e-mails and checking my TOS crew forum and was directed to a wonderful blog called "Bring the Rain". You really should look at it for yourself. It is written by Angie who is the wife of Todd from "Selah". I have always loved that group and adore the song "You lift me up". It is now on my song list here so stick around and you'll hear it!

It has reminded me of what an amazing God we serve. I am going to do her 7x7 prayer challenge. In it you pray for your children 7 times a day. What a wonderful thing to do. If you click on the picture on my sidebar of this you it will take you to her blog about where you can joint in. I am so blessed with all God has given me and I do not thank him nearly enough. I want to learn to give my children to him completely so they can grow to be pleasing in his sight. I have said before that that is what my goal is for my kids. I don't care what they are when they grow up. Garbage collectors or scholars, I just want them to love and follow God.

So, here is my promise to try to be a better child of God, a better mother, a better wife and a better friend. I will start the prayer challenge today and it is for 7 days but I want to continue it beyond that. Praying that you will be blessed by something God has given you today!

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