Monday, August 3, 2009

Camping with the Family

As I write this we are getting ready to go on vacation. Camping to be exact. Every year we spend a week at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. My husband has been doing this since he was very small. His family (all 9 of them) went every year while he was growing up. I think they tent camped for awhile and then got a motorhome. I'm not sure how everyone even fit because it was about 18 feet long.

Have you ever been camping? It takes about 2 weeks to get ready to have 1 week of fun. And then it takes 2 weeks to get everything put away and cleaned up after you get back. My husband is fixing bikes (they always break about a week before we leave), cleaning out the camper, checking tire pressure and all the stuff that keeps us safe. Me? I'm getting all the laundry finished so we can pack, cleaning up the house (don't want bugs to come visit us while we are gone) making lists for my lists so I don't forget anything. I have to make sure everyone's medicine is packed (David and Griffin both have asthma). We also take anything that we "might" need. You know, Tylenol, Advil, (kids and adults) Benadryl, Pepto, bug spray, sunscreen, itch relief spray (for when the bug spray doesn't work) aloe (for when the sunscreen doesn't work) and everything else we don't want to pay double for at the Lake. We seriously could start a small pharmacy with everything I bring.

Luckily they have a washer and dryer we use at the campground we stay out, so we only take about 1/2 of the clothes we need and then I get to do laundry while on vacation. YEAH!. Okay, that really doesn't excite me. What is a vacation where you do laundry?

We really do have a good time though. We boat, ski, tube, swim and just hang out at the lake everyday. The kids enjoy being outdoors and we don't even miss the TV. They go to bed every night and you don't hear a peep out of them. Or maybe they make noise and I just don't hear them because I am so exhausted. I have included a couple of pictures of last years trip.
If you get time, say a quick prayer for safe traveling for us. God Bless.

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Debbie said...

I'm praying your trip is absolutely fabulous. The water looks so inviting.


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