Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Going Green in a whole new way

The kids had a great time playing out in the snow today.  Emily came over to play and we froze nearly to death.  102_4729

Ashton loved playing with the kids.  He kept eating the snow. Here he is thinking what is that thing in our yard?  We were building a snowman, well a snow woman.   She is HUGE.  Emily and I just about broke our backs trying to get her together.   



She is looking a little green, isn’t she?  She’s not sick, the kids decided we should “go green” with the snowman.   We mixed green food coloring and water in a bottle and squirted her green.  

She wasn’t quite green enough and she was starting to melt because the water wasn’t cold enough.  So here is take two.


We had lots of fun playing in the snow.  We got about 7 inches and are expecting more tonight.  Bring it on, God, we love the snow!!! 

Happy Winter!


Julia said...

AWESOME!!!! THe kids want to come over and build a snowman next to the snowwoman

Corey and Bekah said...

Very cute! And I'm sure the neighbors are highly amused!!

Loving learning at Home said...

Thanks guys. Unfortunately we don't have many neighbors but people are slowing down on the way past.

Berry Patch said...

Very cool! Um, no pun intended. ;-) I live in Maine & it looks like spring is already here. We have so little snow on the ground right now. It's weird but I'm not really complaining. LOL


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