Monday, February 8, 2010

Teaching multiple age children

The question of the week for TOS blog is How do you teach multiple age children.  I have two children who are learning at home.  My son is 11 years old and my daughter is 6, soon to be 7.  I sometimes wonder how families with 7 or 8 children find time to teach everyone and I love to see their ideas for this.  My favorite tv show right now is 19 Kids and Counting because I love the fact that they homeschool their children and seem to be doing a great job of it. 

I don’t know how the Dugger’s do it, but we try to utilize unit studies so that both of the kids can learn together to save time during the day.  For math and reading they have their own individual lessons but the remainder of studies are done together.  We have tried several different types of unit studies and we love this learning style.  

We start our day with Bible together.  We are using Grapevine Studies for this.  This is a great curriculum that uses stick figures to learn about the Bible.   You can read my review of this curriculum by clicking here.   

We then do math and reading separately.   For history we are using the Mystery of History.  We are enjoying learning about history together and with a curriculum that has a Godly focus. 

For science we use a variety of things.  Right now we are studying birds.  We have utilized our local library for a ton of books on the subject.  We are doing nature walks to find out what birds live in our backyard.  

One of my favorite unit studies of all time is provided by Konos.   This is a very affordable unit study approach that will keep you busy for years.   There are so many ideas that you could never possibly use all of them.

No, it isn’t easy teaching children of multiple ages but it does make our day exciting and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

I look forward to reading what all of the other crew members have to say about this topic by heading over the Homeschoolblogger page.

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