Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Freebie!

image I have another homeschool freebie for you!  Don’t you just love free stuff?

Again, I haven’t tried this one (yet) but it is completely free with no strings attached.  This is for Head of the Class homeschool curriculum.  Head of the Class believes education should be free for everyone.   This is a complete online curriculum for grades K-5 with grades 6 through 8th  coming before Spring of this year. 

It involves worksheets, videos, online games and more for every subject in every grade.   Looking at this, it looks pretty good.  I’m thinking of trying it with Bella (who would be doing 2nd grade work).

Hope this blesses some of you!  Happy homeschooling.


Berry Patch said...

I have actually used this and really liked it for the most part. I used it for my youngest last year for some kindergarten work. I liked how it had some stuff on line and some worksheets that were printed. I wasn't always fond of how they mixed the subjects - sometimes it would be heavy on math for instance - but overall it's great. Especially for free! (stopping by as part of the TOS Crew blog walk)

Family Forest said...

Just looked over "Head of the Class," looks like a lot of really helpful tools! Thank you!


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