Friday, March 11, 2011

Forgotten Virtues – Reset Messages

When I was growing up, I remember my Mom and Dad saying “Kids sure aren’t like they were when I was little”.  I always thought, “Yeah, Whatever”.  Now that I am an adult with children of my own, I realize what they meant. 

There are times when I am out at the mall or grocery store and when I hear how children talk to their parents, I am shocked.   The kind of shock that stops you in your tracks.  I always think, why do those parents let their kids talk to them like that.  If they are allowed to speak to their parents like that, then how do they talk to adults that are not related to them?    I am beginning to realize that it isn’t just the kids that are without morals and virtues.  

At Reset this month, our minister, Adam Jones, is speaking about the Forgotten Virtues that are so needed in our world today.   So far he has talked about purity, honor and loyalty.  I highly recommend going over to his blog and listening to the messages.  You will not be disappointed.    As always, I think you should listen to the worship band while your there too.   I am amazed each week at the level of talent of these young people.  (I am secretly waiting for my own son to be up there).

I am going to try to put the link for the message on here.  Hope it works. 

As David and I homeschool our children, we strive to teach them these very important virtues daily by focusing on what God wants for each of the kids.   As always, we want them to grow up to be people that others enjoy being around and love God with their entire souls. 

Click here to go to Adam's blog

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