Saturday, March 12, 2011

Getting ready for Spring with CSN

Have you started spring cleaning yet?  I usually hate this chore but lately I’ve really been wanting to spruce up the house.  I think it comes from the fact that I am really beginning to realize how God has blessed me with a wonderful family and house.  There are so many people who have so little.   We have seriously decluttered in the last few months since we started child care.  The kids are doing a great job of keeping things picked up and little toys out of reach.

One of the places in our house I would really like to work on is imagemy “home office”.  I’ve been looking on CSN for  home office furniture.  Right now all I have is a desk (which David says is too big).  I would love to get new bookcases.  A homeschool family can never have enough book shelves.   I found this one from Ameriwood on CSN’s website.   I just wish it came in black.  I love that it looks like furniture and not just a book shelf.

I’m going to be reviewing an item from CSN soon so check back to see what I pick.    I will be receiving a $35 gift card to CSN and will be able to pick anything I want to put it towards.   I’m thinking I’ll look for a globe for the kids because we really need one. 

Please note that this post is being written as part of a review for CSN.  No other compensation other than the gift card has been received.  Thank you CSN for this opportunity. 

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