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Always Ice Cream - TOS review

Product: Always Ice Cream
Price: $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year

My daughter really enjoys online games. She has played Webkinz for years. She has become bored with it and although I don't mind it, I've always wished it was a little more educational.

Ask and you shall receive. We have been blessed to be able to review the website Always Ice Cream. She has fallen in love with it. The website is for girls only (sorry boys) age 7-12. It is an online social environment that the parent can control. There are different settings where you can allow you daughter to "chat" with others, or not. You do not have to worry about their safety because the content on Always IceCream is subject to moderation. There is no advertising and the site is blocked to seach engines. The company goes a long way to protect the members. One of the ways is that after a short free trial period, each member is asked to input a credit card so that all parents know and are accountable for their girls.

Girls start out by making their "girl". They get to pick the clothes, shoes, hair and eye color. This is the avitar that they use during play time.

Always Icecream serves "virtual ice cream," or $coops, to girls in exchange for practicing basic math, advanced math, geography, language arts, science, typing, and more. Girls use $coops to play fun games, decorate their homes on MiniWorld, and feed their virtual pets on Pet World.

Bella has a polar bear, a cat and a turtle. You get to feed the animals. Bella says the food is too expensive. Welcome to real world, sweetie. She says don't get a dog cuz a bone is 50 scoops and is the most expensive food there is.

Here is a screen shot of the typing game.

Bella has played all of the games but her favorite is the geography map game. I love that she has learned where all of the states are located. I asked her what she was doing one day and she said, Oh just playing. When I looked, I was shocked because she was clicking quicker than I could read and it was the location of the states. I was amazed. She plays this over and over. It doesn't hurt that she gets scoops for each round she plays. You can try the game here for free. I have to admit I tried it and didn't do half as well as my 8 year old daughter.

The parent has the option of giving "scoops" for different reasons like good grades or even just being a great daughter. This helps them buy things for their houses when they start playing so they can see how the game works.

There is also an art gallery where they can design furniture and other items and then sell them to other members. This is done through the girls own "shop". They can also design items for their house and decorate their own place. This is another reason for giving scoops cuz just like food, houses are expensive. (LOL)

Bella has "met" many other homeschool students and enjoys interacting with them. She can send emails which she thinks is cool.

Your daughter can try out some of the games for free.

You and your daughter can try out a free trial to see if you would enjoy this game.

My favorite thing about the game is that there is religious games where they learn all about the Bible. So not only are they learning they are learning about what we feel is the most important in our lives.

Always IceCream does not have ads so they do charge a fee for the website. You can join several ways.

$4.99 if you want to pay by the month
$29.99 for a year.
$99.99 for a lifetime membership

Always IceCream graciously gave me, as a TOS crew member, a lifetime membership. Bella is super excited because she says "I'm gonna play this forever!"

Sorry, my smiley guide is giving me fits.

Our family gives Always IceCream FIVE SMILEYS!!!!

Smiley guide


1 Smiley - Product not really for our family. Probably wouldn’t buy. This really should probably be a frown face but we hate to be negative.

image image

2 Smileys - Would maybe buy this product if on sale. Not a great fit for our family.

image image image

3 Smileys - We really liked this product and would probably recommend this to friends and fellow homeschoolers.

image image image image

4 – Smileys – Definitely would buy this if the budget would allow. We suggest you check this out to see if it is a fit for your family.

image image image image image

5 Smileys – Would sell the family pets to get this one (just kidding). A must have for our family and we think you should get it too.

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Please note: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion in this review. No other compensation was provided. Thank you to Always IceCream and TOS for this opportunity.


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