Thursday, February 9, 2012

Math Rider - A fun way to learn math facts!


Are you looking for a fun math game where your child can learn math facts? Both of my kids have had trouble learning their math facts.  So, I am always looking for ways to help them memorize them. 

We've tried everything.  Worksheets, flashcards, writing them over and over.

And Over. 

And over.

These things seem to work for short term memory help.  But, the kids hated them all.   Now, if you are a parent who has tried to  make a kid learn something that they hate, you know that it IS NOT fun.

Math Rider is a fun online computer game that helps students learn their math facts.  

The game is an interactive way to learn the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts 1-12.

Your child is taken into a land of fantasy and quests.   Living in the Land of Ray and riding a horse called Shadow, he or she will set out on various noble adventures.   The rider goes across a moving backdrop in a fantasy land and once finished with each quest, will find a special surprise.   They can even rescue a princess.

Each operation (+, -, X and ÷) contains four quests that range from easy to master.   Each of the four quests are the same but the rewards are not.    One of the things that makes it nice is the rewards are animated based on how well your student does on the problems.  The screen also goes faster the quicker you can answer the problems. 

Bella really enjoyed the quests and tried really hard to go faster each time.  Griffin didn't really like it.  He figured out that if he waited to enter the answers, the screen would slow down and he would have more time to figure out the answers.  Ingenious, but not really how the game is supposed to work.

I like the fact that more than one player can play on each account.  They still have their own quests and can choose different operations.  This is great for different aged children in the family.  Any child who hasn't learned their math facts can use this.  It isn't babyfied (I don't think that is really a word) or anything.  Horses seem to appeal to all ages. 

MathRider can be played on either Windows based computers and Mac.  MathRider requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The game uses digital matte painted backgrounds that have been created for this resolution.  We used this on our laptop and desktop with no problems. 

When you purchase this you purchase a license that allows for you to use it on up to three computers.   Up to 8 players can play with your purchase.  You can buy MathRider now for only $37.  The Price goes up to $47 after February 15, 2012 so hurry if you would like to get this.   You can try MathRider for free by going to the website.  

I received a copy of MathRider in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.  No other compensation was provided.  Thank you to MathRider for this opportunity.  

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