Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh my goodness.  I have to apologize for not posting for so long.  It's funny how things happen and your life seems to be so out of control that you forget to do things you love.

Now for the reason for this post.  My amazing friend, Heidi, is doing a friendship Friday link up on her blog, Heidi's Head.  I have so many amazing friends.  Some of them are online, some real life that I get to see.  Both kinds are what keep me sane.   Each Friday I will tell you about one of my great friends.  Hope you enjoy this.  Also. feel free to link up your own posts and share about your friends.

For my first friend, I am thankful for my sister, Becky.  She is the most amazing sister anyone could ask for.  She is always there for me when I need her and would do anything to help me.

When we were little, it was like most sister relationships, I'm sure.  We fought.  Okay, we fought a lot.  We shared a bedroom until I was in Jr High.  When she was in the 8th grade she got very sick.  She had strep throat that turned into a form of Chorea.  I remember laying in bed with her at night and she would hallucinate and see people.  It was crazy.  Thankfully, she got the right medicine and hasn't had any problems since then.

She got married right out of high school.  It broke my heart.  I know that seems silly but I can remember sitting on the edge of the tub crying because I missed her.  Her first marriage didn't work out.  It left her broken and hurt.  So of course, I hurt too.  She went through a line of bad men and finally found a good one.  She has been married now for 2 years to a guy who is really good to her.  I am so glad she has finally found someone who treats her like she deserves to be treated.  A Godly man who deserves such a sweet girl.  Lonnie has been an answer to my prayers for her.

She is always honest with me and I appreciate that.  Even though I don't always listen to her advice (not because it's not good, but because I just am dumb sometimes.) I appreciate it.  I thank God for her daily.

This is us at the Melting Pot for Princess Day with Bella.  She took us as special treat.  It was a lot of fun.  Who doesn't love chocolate?

Thank you Heidi, for reminding me that friends are so important in life.  God gives us each one to fill a purpose in our lives.

"Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends"
                                     John 15:13

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Heidi said...

Lori, thank you so much for linking up this week! What a nice tribute to your sister. I'm so glad that you have her in your life!


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