Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why I use Stevia

I have an addiction.  I admit it.

It's mocha Cappuccino.  It's all natural and has a lot of protein in it. There are a couple of problems with this new addiction I have.  One, it's expensive.  Each bottle is $2.39 and I have been drinking 2 of these a day.  The other problem is that it isn't low in calories.  In other words, it's making me gain weight.  There are over 400 calories in the bottle.  

So, in order to try to find something else to drink, I bought a coffee pot.  Now, I don't like coffee, I just like the sugar and cream.  So, I thought of a great way to cut calories and 
 curb my craving for caffeine.   Mocha flavored coffee.  

Unfortunately,  it still tastes like coffee.  I thought about adding Hershey's syrup to it but I figured that would kind of defeat the purpose of switching to something lower in calories.  

So, I add caramel macchiato creamer and Truvia.  I have quit drinking diet pop because of the aspartame.  I have been reading about how bad it is for you so I have tried to cut it completely out of our diets.   I wasn't aware that a lot of artificial sweeteners contain aspartame.  Truvia does not.  It is the first all natural zero-calorie sweetener.  It is made from the stevia plant.  Rebiana is harvested from the leaves of the plant to make a concentrated form of the sweet properties.  For Truvia, the stevia  is combined with a sugar alcohol and made into a granulated form.  One packet is twice as sweet as sugar.  That can only be a good thing, right?  The FDA has approved Truvia as being safe.  The only reason I believe them is because it is completely natural.  They approve a lot of things for us to consume that is not safe including aspartame. 

The best part of Truvia is there is no aftertaste.  I love it because it is all natural and good for you without the calories of true sugar.  I buy Aprivia which is the Kroger brand (way cheaper).   When I add it to the mocha coffee along with the creamer, I enjoy it almost as much as the mocha cappuccino.   It only has about 60 calories from the creamer.  

I tried the sugar free version of the creamer and it was not even close to the original.  As usual, if it says sugar free, it usually is not near as tasty.   Hopefully this new drink will help me with my caffeine addiction and not make me gain anymore weight.  

We'll see. 


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Susie said...

Aspartame is soooo bad, the Stevia sounds great though, I will have to look for that over here (UK). Really glad you are back to blogging again :-)


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