Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 days of Thanksgiving


I have  been doing my thankful list on Facebook this year. 

I was rudely told by my niece today that I am sadly neglecting my blog so I thought I should probably remedy that and do my list on here like I usually do.

Today is day 9 (I think).

It is hard when you are as blessed as I am to pick one thing each day.    But, I’m looking for the little things in life that bring me joy and I am thankful for.

Today,  I am thankful for the girls in my life. 

My Mom is my best friend.  I love her more everyday.  I never dreamed when I was growing up that she would be such a huge part of my adult life.  I’ve already dedicated a day to her and Dad but I didn’t want to leave her out of my special girls.

I have an amazing sister, Becky.  She has been so good to me.  My whole life really but especially the last couple of years.   She is my best friend and I thank God for her every day.

101_1040Next, my nieces, Allie and Emily.   They really bless me daily.

When they were little, my sister was going to nursing school, so I had them when they were young.  A lot.   It was some of the best years I had.  I loved playing with them.  People thought they were my kids.  Especially Allison.  She was very smart (still is) and was a blast.  She talked at a very early age and I remember she said the funniest things. 

One of the funniest things I can remember was when she was about 4.  She told her mom that her and her boyfriend had talked and they weren’t going to have sex.   Who knows where she even heard that word, but needless to say, Becky was relieved,  Winking smile.

She has grown into an amazing young woman.  She spoils my kids just like I spoiled her.  She loves with her entire heart and is a blessing..  I love laughing with her and she is a great friend.   She is beautiful and smart.   To know her is to love her.  And I love her lots.   She has been one of the people I can talk to and listens without judging.  I love sending her little funny pictures to make her smile.

Emily came less than a year after Allie and we loved her just as much.  She was quiet and so beautiful.  She looked like a real live doll.  She didn’t talk until she was older because Allie did all of the talking for her.  She used to just point and got anything she wanted.   It was precious seeing her follow Allie around and learn from her.

She, too, has grown into a beautiful young woman.  She is very smart and anytime I need help with math or electronics, I call her.  She has made me laugh more than anyone I can ever remember.  We text late at night and I treasure that more than she can imagine. 

She has gotten a job that is perfect for her because she can show the love she has for people.  She is a blessing..    I remind her to never sell herself short because she is amazing.  She deserves the best.   I love her.

My baby girl is next.  Isabella is my heart.  She loves me with a passion I’ve never seen.  Sometimes it is smothering.   But, I know that this too shall pass.  There will be a time when she won’t want to sleep with me.  So, for now I let her.  She has done this since David left a year ago.  

101_1166I know that she is afraid that I am going to leave.  How do you explain to a little girl that you aren’t going to when someone has.   I have said over and over I am not going anywhere.  As long as God doesn’t take me home, I will be here.   I may go out or need a break, but I will always be back to take care of her.   It is so hard being a single mom.  I never asked for it but God gave me my children and knows the plans he has for us.   He has equipped me to be the best mom for these two kids.  They are blessings beyond measure.

Bella is smart.

And Beautiful.    She has the most beautiful blue eyes (which she informed me today are turning green?  LOL)  They aren’t.  and a smile that will melt your heart.  Her laugh is contagious.  She is my miracle.  You can read her birth story that tells of the miracle that she is.  In short, they told us she had spina bifida when she was born.  Through prayer I believe God healed her and even though she had to have surgery, she is perfect and has never had any problems from this.

I have many, many other blessings of special women in my life.  Cousins, friends, family members.

I have a few I am going to give their own days to so hopefully I won’t forget anyone.  (Of course, I prolly will.)

What are you thankful for today?

I read somewhere one time this. What if tomorrow you have ONLY what you thanked God for today?

Isn’t that great?  I try to remember this as I say my prayers every day. 

Thank you for visiting and Have a great day!

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