Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gratitude Challenge : Day 12

Being thankful is a part of everyday life.

But, November is the month in which we think about it the most.   I love this time of year. 

We had our first snow this morning.  When I let the dogs out at 7:30, the yard was covered in God’s own beautiful blanket.  Snow makes me smile.  I love standing outside in the yard when it snows.  I know it sounds weird but I love the sound of a snowfall.  We have very few neighbors and it is pretty quiet so when it snows, I guess I love the quiet sound. 

Today I am thankful that I live in a country that allows me to teach my children in the manner in which we believe is best.   For us that is homeschooling.

I love being with my children every day. 

I love watching them learn.   I love that I am the one who they ask the difficult questions to.    Not math or science, but the important ones.

Like Do Pets go to Heaven?  

And Where does it say in the Bible that we shouldn’t hate?

I never proclaim to know all of the answers.  But I love that they know we can look together to find them. 

Reading the Bible first thing in the morning is my favorite.  Even our doggie gets in on our Bible reading Winking smile 

Our school allows prayer.  

Our school allows the Bible to be the center of everything.

Our school allows me to protect my children in any way that I see necessary.  

I don’t worry about anyone hurting them while they are in school.  I don’t worry about someone coming in and shooting them.   I don’t worry about someone who doesn’t have their best interest at heart teaching them things God doesn’t teach.

My kids are going to grow up too soon.  I’ve already witnessed this.  My son will be 15 in one short month.  I treasure the days I have with him.  It makes my heart smile that he still wants to be around me.    I love that he got to pick his own science curriculum and enjoys it every day.   And he can listen to music when he learns.  It may not work for me that way but it does him and who am I to tell him his way is wrong?

Now, don’t get me wrong.   I do embarrass him, lol.   Just last week he asked me to please not dance when he is around.   I also overheard him tell his friend that “it sucks having a mom who is hot”.  Now that one cracks me up.   I won’t complain about him being embarrassed about that. 

There are countries that do not allow homeschooling.  I am thankful I live in America.  I fear that it will not be legal eventually.  I don’t think they like not having control of our children.   But, I am blessed to be allowed this freedom.

I thank God for it every day.

God bless.

And Happy Homeschooling. . . . ..

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Anonymous said...

Love this one! And I agree wholeheartedly...about everything! :)


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